Loving God, Loving Myself—Testimonials


Life Changing

Please be good to yourself and get this book! This bible based personal issue oriented work is truly life changing. This daily devotional lines up with scripture while addressing personal issues of the heart, spirit and mind.


From knowing that I should love myself to actually doing it

What a blessing this book AND it's authors have been to my life! From knowing that I should love myself to actually doing it...WOW!!!!! The biggest ah-ha is that to love myself is to love God and to love Him is to be able to love myself!!!

Read it again "many" times

I really plan on making it a point to read both "Loving God, Loving Myself" and "The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself" every year. There's just so much good stuff to remember! These books both rate a TEN!

Five Stars

When I was hurting... this book helped me heal.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book to any and everyone who has a serious desire to love themselves fully!!!

Five Stars 

Great book! Must read! It reveals the fathers heart for you in new and exciting ways!!

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