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A wonderful tool. The truths found in this book have the potential to bring a greater degree of freedom to the reader's heart, and even more importantly, to dispel the dark clouds that keep us from seeing the Father's loving face. Along with a suggested prayer there are additional discovery questions at the end of each chapter. I plan on reading this book again soon, as it is definitely a wonderful tool to help me strengthen the connection I have with the Lover of my soul.

Buy this book!! I think anyone who is seeking to be whole would benefit from knowing how much love God has for them. This book shows the reader the truth about how God feels about us. It is for those who have brokenness in their lives and cannot find an explanation. Those with genuine hearts who have been striving to meet God's approval and earn his love. Really, it is for anyone who sees himself as somehow "less than" and wants desperately not to be.

Very insightful and powerful book. Offers a realistic path to God-empowered change. The real life examples are spot on. Well written, lovingly written, full of wisdom.

Awesome book, a real eye opener! I felt like the writers knew me! I'm starting to read it again!

I am using the book, study guide and CD with a friend and getting so much out of it!

"Loving yourself isn't selfish!"

The Missing Commandment will bring you the freedom you have been looking for your whole life. It is radical in that it teaches how God feels about us, rather than how we THINK he feels about us. It shares the truth that has been forgotten over time and in teaching, which is that "Loving yourself isn't selfish!" This teaching broke through my hard head, and melted my heart. It can do the same for you.

The Missing Commandment blew me away from the start. Jerry and Denise Basel know counseling, they know the Bible, and they know the heart and character of God. They have a deep understanding of the transformative work that Jesus accomplished in us through His death and resurrection, and they know how it applies to our lives. Better yet, they know how to help us apply it, something that has been proven through the many lives that have been changed through their long years of counseling ministry. This is no ivory-tower theology; it's the power of the gospel--of Christ in us and we in Him--shining its gracious light on our darkest, most painful inner chambers and proclaiming a better, higher reality.

Jerry and Denise share frankly about their own struggles as well as the heartbreaking wounds and heartwarming breakthroughs of some of their clients. For those who are weary of jumping through holy hoops trying to please God...for men and women wounded by abuse, trapped by addictions, and haunted by the past...for the lonely soul that has never felt good enough, or validated, or loved...all I can say is, please, please read this book. It is written for you, from the heart to the heart. 


The Missing Commandment is honest, passionate, and full of applied truth that can turn "life-changing" from an oft-repeated cliche into your personal experience. Because God doesn't just love everyone--He loves YOU in particular with a fathomless intensity. YOU. That truth, once it ignites in your heart, can free you to love and to live the way He created you to, fully and gladly, regardless of your circumstances. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be freed from shame and past hurts and opened up to receive God's love. For the first time in my life I know I am loved and cherished by Him.

I'm only half way through this book and absolutely recommend it to everyone! I want to buy it as gifts and give them to family and friends. There's so many spot on points in here and I can pretty much relate to everything it talks about. Very well written and easy to go along. I also love the prayers at the end of each chapter. Highly recommend for people like me who need to be reminded every day that you are loved no matter what. And in order to fully love others in a healthy way, that you must love yourself first.

What a blessing! I've met these authors and am working through this journey. This is the best and most comprehensive book on participating with God in your own healing. Thank you guys so much.

This is a must read for people who want to continue their personal healing journey. The authors, Jerry and Denise, do an amazing job of capturing the essence and vital truths gathered through their 30+ years of helping others find their way back to the Father's Heart. What sets this book apart is the many personal experiences that are expertly arranged to bring home liberating truths. As a result, there are many AH-HA moments when suddenly you see something you had never seen before. Throughout its pages, an invitation is being extended to the reader to come to a safe place and unpack their bag of life. Many types of issues are discussed and explored from the platform of real-life scenarios. A key element of making this such a “real” approach to these issues is that the authors do not exclude themselves from this same human journey. Interwoven throughout are the transparent accounts of facing their own fears, pain and weaknesses.

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